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The complete email marketing system for building a profitable, long-term business online. Learn how to grow, nurture, and monetize your email list the easy way.

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Customer Journey Roadmap

Customer Avatar Worksheet

Content Email 1

Content Email 2

Content Email 3

Content Email 4

Sales Email 1

Sales Email 2

Exclusive Offer Template

Product Benefits Template

Service Benefits Template

Email Subject Lines Template

Email Body Copy Blueprint

The Credible Testimonial Template

The Historical Solution Template

The Story Email Template High Income Skills Email

List Building Landing Page Blueprint

100 Ways To Generate Traffic Online

Lead Magnet Examples

Autoresponder Emails

Broadcast Emails

Promoting A Webinar Offer

The Affiliate Product Promotion

The Customer Testimonial

The Flash Sale

The Last Chance

The Promotion

The Sale

The Seasonal Sale

Broadcast Email Tracking & Benchmarking Sheet

About Instructor

Darren Jenkins Jenkins

Darren Jenkins is CEO and co-owner of X10 Effect. He spent spent 15 years in the music industry working as a record producer before pursuing his goal of financial freedom by tapping into the online business market, setting up and running automated web businesses for clients and himself. Darren is responsible for some of X10 Effect's biggest success stories. These days you'll find him speaking at live events all over the world including England, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia.

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